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2017 Tennis Drills

Dates: Start 17 April - End 31 Aug


Days: Mon thru Wed (with closed clinics on Thu)

Time: 5:30PM - 7:00PM


Day: Thu

Time: 6:00PM - 7:30PM


Drills Only: $54 if paid before 15 Jan 2016 ($64 after Jan 15, 2017)

Clinics Only: $12/each if paid before 15 Jan 2016 ($14/each after Jan 15, 2017)

Drills & 1 Clinic + 1 Clinic free: $64 if paid before 15 Jan 2017

Drills & 2 Clinic + 2 Clinics free: $73.97 if paid before 15 Jan 2017


Thursday Clinics

Time: 6:00PM - 7:30PM


20th - Service Returns (8 participants max)
27th - Serve (10 participants max)


 4th - Volleys (8 participants max)
11th - Slice Serve (10 participants max)
18th - Backhand (8 participants max)
25th - Overhead & Volly combo (6 participants max)


 1st - Serve & Volley combo (8 participants max)
 8th - Dropshot (10 participants max)
15th - Court Positioning (8 participants max)
22nd - AD Side Strategy (12 participants max)
29th - Deuce Side Strategy (6 participants max)


 6th - Forehand (10 participants max)
13th - Chip (10 participants max)
20th - Lob (8 participants max)
27th - Shot Analysis (8 participants max)


 3rd- Chip & Charge combo (8 participants max)
10th- Stroke Analysis (8 participants max)
17th- Play the Pros (8 participants max)
24th- Play Analysis* (8 participants max)
31st- Tennis Talk (no max)


*Play Analysis

Shot Analysis
you play and we record the different types of shots you attempt and/or make.

Stroke Analysis
you execute a set # of specific different strokes of your choice, we give you feedback analysis of what you need to do or not do to make the stroke better. If time permits, we work on the one stroke the the majority of the group is having a problem with.

Play Analysis
we watch you play and provide feedback and analysis on shot selection, your strategy, decision making, court positioning, etc...
Prepay Pricing

Pre-Registration Fees

Prepay means FULL payment must be received prior to 15th January 2017
After January 15th regular pricing will resume.



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